Query and Quotation

Step One- The Quotation

As a potential customer you contact us for a quotation. Your needs are very important to us, so one of our administration team will take your contact details and ask various questions to get a brief description of your requirements, which will include:

  • Contact information: Name, Phone and Email
  • Company information
  • The assignment location and Post Code
  • Your requirements: the service you would like, the hours needed, the duration of the job etc.
  • Details of the site e.g. size of area, facilities available.
  • Any incidents you may have experienced such as thefts, vandalism, or travellers.


We endeavour to call you back within 30 minutes, so that a Manager can discuss your query in more detail.

With this knowledge, we promise to provide you with the best service we can give you, tailor-made to suit your needs. Having the whole picture of your needs allows us to give you our best quotation, giving you a high quality service at a cost effective level.

We will send your quotation by email shortly after this.

Step Two- Signing The Deal

You decide to go ahead with the quotation and send a confirmation or Purchase Order to us. Our efficient administration team prepares your contract to send to you by email, asking you to sign it and return via email.

The next step is Risk Assessments and Assignment Instructions. Read more… »


For a quick, no obligation estimate call 0845 634 2888
or email us providing brief details of your requirements.