Risk Assessments and Assignment Instructions

Step Three- Site Survey

We will visit your site to carry out a detailed Site Survey Risk Assessment, which consists of documenting:

  • Your site address with contact names, phone numbers and emergency contacts
  • Your working hours and the type of business you have
  • A detailed site description which includes:
    • type of perimiter i.e. fencing, walls, height
    • doors and windows
    • lighting (general and perimeter)
    • mains service
    • location and control points
    • fire systems, equipment types and locations
    • any lifts
  • Information regarding intruder alarms, CCTV
  • High risk areas: attractive areas containing high value stock, machinery, containers, tools and equipment
  • Vulnerable points of access, entrances, right of way, stock areas.

Health and Safety

Our Risk Assessment includes:

  • the identification of hazards
  • who might be harmed and how
  • what we are already doing to prevent this
  • what other actions are necessary to manage the risk
  • action by whom and action by when.

Hazards are: uneven ground, no walls or fencing, broken rubble or debris on the ground, slips trips and falls for officers and security dogs as paws get injured.

Objectives are: that there are no obstructions in pathways, patrol in well lit areas only, staff training, all uneven and slippy floors and all hazards on site are reported to our Control Room Centre and supervisors immediately.

Dog Handler Dynamic Risk Assessments are carried out separately if this service is required.

Step Four- Assignment Instructions

After carrying out a Site Survey we create Assignment Instructions which detail the following:

  • All of the information as listed above.
  • Hazards are identified
  • Current security arrangements and history
  • The locking and unlocking procedure
  • Any key control
  • Your procedure on access control for vehicles and staff
  • Lost property procedure
  • Description of security officer’s facilities stating location of toilets, welfare area (hot/cold water, canteen area, kitchen equipment) and first aid box.
  • Handover procedure between our security officer and your contact on site, and our 24 hour Control Centre. They are called Gallinet and are ISO accredited NSI GOLD.

We will erect our security warning boards on your perimeter and entrances as we work in partnership with you.

The next step is to allocate your officer. Read more… »


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