Dog Security Coventry

We have Security Dog Handlers available to help you protect you, your staff and your premises over the Christmas period.

A security dog’s innate sense of smell and hearing, agility, stamina and bark can be invaluable when it comes to deterring crime and protecting people and property.

It’s widely acknowledged that a sole security dog – highly trained and well controlled – can replace the work of three to five security guards, and has the capacity to cover large areas which would be challenging for manpower alone.

When it comes to dog security Coventry, one company leads the pack with standards few others can hope to attain. Response Security Consultants strive to be one of the leading providers of security dogs Coventry, delivering levels of service that are the envy of the industry.

From patrol dogs for industrial or retail environments, to personal protection security dogs and sniffer dogs highly trained to detect banned substances in environments ranging from airports to concerts and public events, we use only fully qualified, fully insured security dog handlers with diverse experience, screened and selected specifically for their suitability for the assignment.

All security dog handlers are English-speaking, strong communicators, well qualified to conduct the role asked of them and carefully selected by Response Security Consultants management to meet our commitment to placing only ‘site specific staff’.

Why Response Security Consultants for Dog Security Coventry?

  • All dog guards Coventry are SIA (Security Industry Association) licence holders
  • All security dogs Coventry are highly trained and NASDU & BIPDT registered
  • Dog security Coventry adheres to the Response Security Consultants Standard
  • We oversee the health and wellbeing of all our security dogs Wolverhampton
  • Regular, unannounced site checks ensure service, equipment and vehicles meet rigorous standards
  • All dog handlers comply with the Dog Guard Act 1975
  • Many of our dog security Coventry personnel have a services background

For a quick, no obligation dog security Coventry estimate call 0845 634 2888 or email us providing brief details of your requirements.


For a quick, no obligation estimate call 0845 634 2888
or email us providing brief details of your requirements.