Dog Security Stoke

We have Security Dog Handlers available to help you protect you, your staff and your premises over the Christmas period.

From search and find to personal protection and security guard patrols, dog security provides a highly effective and affordable solution for many scenarios. Response Security Consultants security dogs Stoke protect premises, property and people and it’s widely recognised that just one highly trained security dog and handler team can do the work of up to five security guards without dogs. This makes our dog security Stoke a cost effective option and a powerful crime deterrent.

Response Security Consultants take great measures to ensure that both our dog guards and the security dogs they work are professionally trained, experienced and fit for purpose – ready to undertake the role that is asked of them. Control is vital and only upon command will our dogs defend their handler or apprehend an intruder.

We also go the extra mile in ensuring that we understand the specific needs of individual clients and provide a tailored dog security service to suit – capable staff with strong communication skills with a close bond with their security dogs.

Why Response Security Consultants for Dog Security Stoke?

  • All guard dogs are SIA (Security Industry Association) licence holders
  • All security dogs Stoke are highly trained and NASDU & BIPDT registered
  • Dog security Stoke adheres to the Response Security Consultants Standard
  • We oversee the health and wellbeing of all our security dogs Stoke
  • Regular, unannounced site checks ensure service, equipment and vehicles meet rigorous standards
  • All dog handlers comply with the Dog Guard Act 1975
  • Many of our dog security Stoke personnel have a services background

For a quick, no obligation dog security Stoke estimate call 0845 634 2888 or email us providing brief details of your requirements.


For a quick, no obligation estimate call 0845 634 2888
or email us providing brief details of your requirements.