Construction Site Security

Taking in theft, vandalism, arson and even protestor activity, construction site crime costs millions of pounds in losses each year, not to mention the longer term price to be paid with increased insurance premiums, delayed projects, penalties and loss of reputation.

Response Security Consultants expert services for the construction industry can protect your vulnerable assets – including high value, high risk onsite materials, tools and fuels – minimise downtime, keep core projects on track and help you meet your Health & Safety obligations.

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Close Protection Officers (CPOs)/Bodyguards

The role of today’s Close Protection Officer revolves around providing a vulnerable individual with protection appropriate for a perceived threat and leading that person to safety. It calls for a diversity of skills – those gained through rigorous SIA training and sound interpersonal skills; the ability to communicate at the appropriate level; think on your feet; interrogate, negotiate or when appropriate step in as a ‘barrier’ and act with conviction.

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Static Security Guards

Response Security Consultants Static Security Guards are anything but sedentary! Our licensed, experienced staff offer tailored general security services to meet a client’s specific needs. Guards’ duties can range from regular internal and external site patrols, to operating site entry barriers, monitoring CCTV, checking alarms are correctly set, windows are locked and appliances switched off to prevent fire, flood and damage to premises and property during out of hours.

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Retail Security

Response Security Consultants have extensive experience operating within the retail sector, providing licensed, highly trained and experienced security personnel for shopping malls, shopping centres and individual stores.

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Door Staff

Response Security Consultants have wide experience in sourcing personable and highly capable Door Staff for a diversity of venues, including bars, clubs and pubs throughout the Midlands region.

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Hospital Security

Hospital security staff play a vital role in ensuring hospitals are welcoming, accessible and most of all, safe environments for patients, visitors and staff.

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Events Security

From ‘meet and greet’ and ticket collection, to directing people and crowd control, Response Security Consultants event security services help ensure that festivals, concerts, shows, gigs and fetes throughout the Midlands region run smoothly, safely and in line with your legislative obligations.

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Concierge and Reception Services

Smart, highly trained, with excellent customer service and communication skills, Response Security Consultants concierge and reception service staff provide a favourable first impression and maintain the safety of staff, visitors and the integrity of the building itself.

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Trading Estate Security

Businesses sited on trading or industrial estates can benefit from the collective location of their premises by taking a collaborative approach to security – working together can be highly effective and an inexpensive way to protect both property and buildings.

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