Construction Site Security

Professional protection for your property and premises

Construction sites are frequently targeted by thieves for their rich pickings – high value equipment and materials that can easily be sold on. Site offices can also be lucrative for thieves as they often house IT equipment, which again has resale value.

Response Security Consultants professional security services include specific construction site security expertise and we can help you protect all aspects of a building site, from boundaries and access to plant, to scaffolding, materials and site offices.

From strong visual deterrents, such as guard dog signage and security dog patrols, to barrier control and dedicated construction security guards we can help ensure your site security is as watertight as possible. A security dog will detect criminals hiding on construction sites and alert the dog handler.

Our construction site security services include:

  • Security guards and dogs – a highly effective deterrent, particularly for large sites where visibility may be low in certain areas making them a prime target for theft and breach of entry.
  • Security guards/Manned guards – recruited for their qualifications, experience and attitude, Response Security Consultants construction site security guards have a good understanding of all areas of construction site security. SIA licensed, they will provide round-the-clock site monitoring and accurate record keeping, whilst providing a deterrent for anyone with unauthorised interest in your site. Visitors credentials will be carefully checked and authorised equipment materials will only be allowed to leave the premises.
  • Construction site patrols – building sites can be especially vulnerable in low light and during the hours of darkness, during which times dog and handler patrols can be particularly effective. Just a bark from a working security dog may be enough to prevent would-be criminals from breaking an entry.

If you’d like to work with a professional security company with over 25 years construction site expertise or simply need advice on how best to secure your construction site, please get in touch.

Construction Site Security Tips

Theft from construction sites is big business, with high value materials such as copper and other metals being very easy for thieves to re-sell. Yet surprisingly, many building companies do not enforce adequate site security, making them an easy target.

Studies into construction site equipment theft have revealed that many sites are poorly lit and have inadequate security; cabs are often left unlocked making access easy; one key works on a number of pieces of equipment; sites may be left unsecured overnight and at weekends and often there is inadequate documentation of product identification or record numbers.

What you can do to boost construction site security

  • Add more lighting during out of hours
  • Ensure all employees are well managed and aware of rigorous security measures – a high proportion of construction site theft is conducted by employees or people in the industry
  • Schedule materials on an as-needed basis
  • Ensure accurate records are kept
  • Practice robust inventory management
  • Ensure a well secured perimeter
  • Regularly review your security strategy

How we can help

From licensed, experienced and motivated manned security guards, to professional security dogs and handler teams we can work with you to ramp up your security and offer the level of protection you need.

If you’d like sound advice on how best to secure your construction site(s), in the short or long term, please contact us


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