Professional Construction Site Security Nottingham

When it comes to construction site security, Nottingham builders and construction forms do not always prioritise adequate protection. However, theft of materials, particularly high value metals, or building plant and equipment can be highly lucrative, making unsecured sites an easy target for youths and thieves.

Response Security Consultants are a professional security services provider with in excess of 25 years experience in the provision of construction site security. Nottingham is well known for its high crime rates, but we have the industry understanding and proven expertise to help you address risk of theft, arson and vandalism on site with effective and cost-effective construction site security.

We often advise those responsible for on-site security to consider the use of trained security dogs. Just one working dog, controlled by an expert dog handler can cover a great deal of ground and has the agility and stamina to patrol and safeguard large construction site areas. Whilst providing the greatest crime deterrent security dogs and handler teams can be very cost effective, often covering the workload of three to five manned guards. Read more here

Construction site security Nottingham – how we can help

  • Experienced and motivated construction site guards (manned guards)
  • Security dogs and handler teams
  • Mobile patrol for construction site security Nottingham
  • Rapid response in construction site security Nottingham
  • All construction site security Nottingham personnel are SIA and CSES licensed
  • 24 hour construction site security

Our construction site security Nottingham adheres to the Response Security Consultants Standard. Read more


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